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Case Studies

Muzeum Nauki i Przemysłu

Museum of Science and Industry

See how AeraMax® Professional made for clean N2O2ArCo2 (air!) at the museum.

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Klinika weterynaryjna

Animal Care Clinic

Find out how the Animal Care Clinic reduced pet-related odors and airborne pathogens with AeraMax Professional.

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Centrum LEGOLAND® Discovery

LEGOLAND@ Discovery Center

AeraMax Professional teamed up with LEGOLAND® Discovery Center to deliver cleaner air and a healthier environment.

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Hinsdale Middle School (szkoła średnia)

Hinsdale Middle School

See how AeraMax Professional helped Hinsdale Middle School reduce odours and allergens in the building.

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Chicago Christian High School (liceum)

Chicago Christian High School

When Chicago Christian High School wanted to eliminate germs and odours in their bathrooms, they looked to AeraMax Professional for help.

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Kino Alamo Drafthouse

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

To control restroom odours and improve overall guest experience, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema called in AeraMax Professional.

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Product Videos

EnviroSmart Technology

Learn how intelligent sensors recognise when and where air purification is needed most.

Particle Demo

See a live demo of AeraMax Professional’s effectiveness using a particulate counter.

Smoke Chamber

Watch as the AeraMax Professional quickly removes smoke particles from the air.

Research Material

We conducted a comprehensive Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation in an average, six-stall women’s washroom. The study scenario included all six toilets flushing at once, continuously with all stall doors closed.

The red plume shown below indicates air with high level of contaminants.* CFD analysis demonstrated that AeraMax Professional was able to improve indoor air quality by capturing and diluting up to 63.7% of airborne contaminants.

CFD przed badaniem

Without AeraMax Professional

CFD po badaniu

With AeraMax Professional Unit High

Capture efficiency:

See it in action!

With AeraMax Professional in place, the contaminants are quickly diluted and pulled out of the stalls toward the air purifier. Red indicates contaminated air. Blue indicates purified air.
Animacja CFD przed badaniem

Without AeraMax Professional

Animacja CFD po badaniu

With AeraMax Professional Unit High

No matter the shared space, AeraMax Professional is your most valuable ally against contaminated air, preserving the health and safety of all your building occupants.

*Contaminant cloud shown at 2.5 parts per million (ppm). Capture efficiency will vary depending on room’s geometry, placement of unit, type of contaminant and other factors.