Air fresheners: Friend or foe?


Air fresheners have become more than a billion-dollar market in the U.S., capturing the American spirit of convenience and making odor easier to tackle in our busy daily grind. Coming in various forms such as aerosol sprays, scented candles and outlet plug-ins, these products are often used as a catch-all solution to every unpleasant smell, both in homes and shared building spaces. They’re a fast, easy-to-use option that seem like an obvious choice for homeowners, janitorial services and facility managers – at first.

The problem is air fresheners don’t live up to their name. They only mask odors.

The odor problem

Most of us have experienced the unpleasant byproduct of an air freshener unsuccessfully covering up a less-than-desirable odor. As air fresheners emit a fragrance into the environment, they are actually adding to the amount of pollutants in the air overall.

Air fresheners fail to eliminate odors. Even if you manage to tame the bad smell, the germs and contaminants that initially caused the odor still remain.

What’s more, these products can cause health problems for some. In some cases, manufactured fragrances in offices and schools can even cause migraines or trigger asthma and allergies, as highlighted by National Public Radio.

Don’t accumulate, eliminate

Indoor air quality suffers when you add pollutants to common areas, which is why the Natural Resources Defense Council notes that air fresheners should not be used as a solution for poor air quality. Some air fresheners even release harmful toxins into the air, according to the source.

Without proper ventilation, airborne pollutants are bound to build up over time, including those added by air fresheners. This creates unhealthy indoor air quality for occupants, which can reduce productivity, increase absenteeism, and even contribute to chronic health problems.

Fresh air is not a matter of smell, but rather relies on the air being clean. Air fresheners simply add to the noise. To truly freshen the air, facility managers must optimize ventilation and remove contaminants with air filtration.

Skip the plug-in

Remove odors, germs and viruses in one fell swoop using air purification. AeraMax Professional commercial grade air purifiers eliminate 99.9 percent of pollutants from common areas, including dust, allergens, and infectious influenza particles while reducing harmful volatile organic compounds. AeraMax Professional is designed specifically to create cleaner common areas in buildings such as schools, offices and hospitality venues.

AeraMax Professional has already helped a wide range of facilities eliminate air fresheners and conquer odor complaints. For a real world example, check out how we gave Alamo Drafthouse Cinema a hand in minimizing odors to create a cleaner, healthier facility.