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Classroom? Or germ incubator?

Regardless of whether it’s preschool, K-12 or post-secondary, the convergence of children and students in tight and shared classroom spaces can yield some shocking results. For example, students miss 22 million school days each year due to colds, and another 38 million from the flu. But there’s a reprieve—our line of commercial-grade air purifiers captures airborne germs, allergens and odors, resulting in a healthier environment. And that means improved attendance—and could mean higher test scores.


Here are just a few of the places AeraMax Professional can make an immediate impact:

AeraMax Professional w sali lekcyjnej w szkole


Those ubiquitous bottles of hand sanitizers on the teacher’s desk? They aren’t the cure all for respiratory illnesses. Air purification is essential to addressing infectious airborne viruses in classroom environments. Lucky that AeraMax Professional removes up to 99.9% of contaminants in the air.

AeraMax Professional w szatni i toalecie w szkole

Locker rooms and bathrooms

These facilities are a breeding ground for bacteria, germs and odors. AeraMax Professional’s patented EnviroSmart™ Technology automatically detects when to purify the air, reducing contaminants quickly and efficiently.

AeraMax Professional w kuchni i na stołówce w szkole


Cleanliness of food preparation and serving areas is vital. AeraMax Professional fits in perfectly and unobtrusively into cafeteria spaces, reducing harmful germs in the air—and reducing unpleasant smells. That, in turn, provides for a more appetizing and healthy experience. We still can’t vouch for that mystery meatloaf though.

Tackling allergies and asthma

Up to 40% of school-aged children suffer from allergies. And, one in ten students have asthma. That’s why it’s critical to have clean indoor air in schools and educational facilities. Luckily, there’s AeraMax Professional. It’s proven to be effective at capturing allergens from indoor air, making for safer—and healthier environments for all occupants.

Gold Sponsor of Green Clean Schools Initiative

Going green

AeraMax Professional is proud to be a sponsor of Green Clean Schools, an initiative from the independent nonprofit Healthy Schools Campaign. The initiative aims to inform schools about the benefits of adopting green cleaning techniques and reducing hazardous chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from campuses.

Seeing is believing.

Watch testimonials from fellow education facilities managers and see how AeraMax Professional made the grade.