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Protecting your guests and looking after your staff

COVID-19 has changed everything for every business. But none more so than in the hospitality sector, where the safety of guests and the need for good air quality is greater than ever.

These days, working in the hospitality industry is a challenge. The constant influx of guests makes it hard to stay ahead of dust mites, odours, germs, bacteria and viruses.

Both the BMJ (British Medical Journal) and the BMA (British Medical Association) say there is strong evidence that good ventilation is vital in the fight against the spread of COVID-19 – especially in hospitality settings such as Restaurants, Pubs and Hotels.

‘If we accept that someone in an indoor environment can inhale enough virus to cause infection when more than 2 metres away from the original source—even after the original source has left—then air replacement or air cleaning mechanisms become much more important.’


AeraMax Professional w centrach fitness i spa

Fitness Centres

These sweat-soaked facilities are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, germs and odours. However, our patented EnviroSmartÔ Technology automatically senses when to purify the air, removing contaminants and odours quickly and efficiently.

Pubs, Restaurants and Hotels

The need for good ventilation in indoor shared spaces has never been greater. Whether your customers gather to eat, drink or just chat, being in close proximity without sufficient ventilation could put them at risk, as airborne particles hang around for hours.

AeraMax Professional w toaletach publicznych


Your brand’s perception is important in order for customers or guests to return. Consider that 80% of adults would avoid a restaurant if they found a toilet to be unclean – the same will apply for hotels and establishments with communal toilets. AeraMax Pro uses true HEPA filtration to wipe out 99.97% of airborne contaminants, including coronavirus, and reduces airborne odours.

Seeing is believing.

Watch testimonials from fellow hospitality facility managers and see how AeraMax Professional impacted indoor air quality.

Need more proof?

Download our case studies and whitepapers.

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