Air Concern Odors

Outthink the stink.

It’s the one thing occupants notice first. That smell. But with AeraMax Pro, you not only remove 99.97% of airborne contaminants, but also trap odours with powerful carbon filtration technology. So don’t mask odours with fragrance. Neutralise them and provide a better, healthier environment.

Here are just a few of the places AeraMax Pro can beat back odours, for cleaner, fresher air:

Aeramax Pro in bathrooms


It’s the most common complaint area in any facility. But don’t rely on Tropical Sunset Mango spray to remove concerns. That fragrance will dissipate in moments, leaving the, ahem, problem behind. Instead, tackle small space odour issues with our advanced EnviroSmart™ Technology, which activates when it senses washrooms need an immediate cleaning.

AeraMax Professional w kuchni i na stołówce w szkole


Try as you might, you can’t fight Tandoori Chicken that’s been sitting in the bin. So don’t fight it—beat it, by strategically placing AeraMax Pro units in eating and common eating areas, like conference rooms, to trap odours and offer clean, fresh, fragrance-free air.

Fitness facilities

Odours lurk among the fit—it’s a foregone conclusion that sweat equals smell. So, fitness centres are prime targets for lingering odors—and are prime targets for AeraMax Pro. It’s ideal for confined spaces like changing rooms.

Understanding how to get rid of odors

Seeing is believing.

That’s because we haven’t invented Smellovision yet. If that was the case, you would smell nothing, because AeraMax Pro traps all kinds of odours.

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