Make VOCs DOA.

Volatile organic compounds are invisible nuisances, irritating lungs and amplifying all sorts of respiratory conditions among occupants. But now, you can eliminate them from indoor air, courtesy of AeraMax Pro. Its unique four-stage True HEPA filtration system effectively and efficiently removes VOCs from indoor spaces.

Here are just a few of the places AeraMax Pro can remove VOCs from indoor air:

Renovation Areas

Renovation areas

New construction taking place indoors often involves harsh chemical adhesives and solvents. An imminently portable AeraMax Pro unit can effectively remove 99.97% of airborne contaminants, like VOCs, from construction areas.

New offices

New offices

New furniture, desks and even carpeting give off VOCs. So, that “new office smell” is anything but—it’s air filled with harmful chemicals. Luckily there’s an AeraMax Pro unit to fit almost any sized room


Restrooms often get nightly heavy chemical scrubdowns for sanitation purposes. Unfortunately, those cleaners are brimming with VOCs. Good thing an AeraMax Pro air purifier can remove VOCs from indoor air and trap odours, too, making it the perfect solution to washroom woes.

Understanding how to get rid of odors

Seeing is believing.

Learn how others eliminated VOCs from indoor spaces, making a healthier environment for occupants.

Need more proof?

Download case studies and whitepapers that will make a strong case for AeraMax Pro.

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