5 Questions to Ask When Selecting an Air Purification System


The worldwide pandemic has put the threat of airborne viral spread at the forefront of everyone’s minds—and with it, a need for solutions to provide healthy indoor air. Before you equip your spaces with an air purification system, ask yourself these questions to ensure it’s the right fit:

1. Does the system you’re considering offer H13 True HEPA filtration that’s been proven to capture COVID-19?

While True HEPA filtration removes up to 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.3 microns, H13 is within the highest tier of HEPA filtration removing 99.95% of airborne particles down to 0.1 microns. Fellowes AreaMax Pro AM3 and AM4 air purifiers are certified to the H13 True HEPA standard. The 4-stage H13 True HEPA Filtration effectively removes at least 99.95% of particles as small as 0.1 microns, including allergens, such as pollen, dust, pet dander, and smoke. An Antimicrobial treatment is also applied to the True HEPA filter to inhibit the growth of odor and stain-causing microorganisms to extend the filter lifespan.

Fellowes AeraMax Pro AM3 & AM4 air purifiers demonstrated, through independent laboratory testing, to be effective in eliminating aerosolized concentration of SARS-CoV-2 by 99.9999% through a single air pass test of the purifier.  In addition, AeraMax Pro air purifiers reached 99.99% airborne reduction of a surrogate Human Coronavirus 229E in a 20m3 test chamber within 1 hour of operation in a separate test.

2. Does the system automatically react and adjust to external conditions to provide healthier air?

Many air purifiers require the user to make continuous manual adjustments to the system in order to achieve peak performance. This can result in air purifiers not operating at their optimal fan speed for room conditions and not truly boosting the air quality when needed.

Fellowes AeraMax Pro Air Purifiers feature EnivroSmart™, our patented and proprietary technology that continuously monitors contaminants, room occupancy and noise levels. As people enter, AeraMax Pro immediately works to increase the airflow rate to quickly purify the air.

AeraMax Pro is the only commercial-grade air purifier that responds directly to detected occupancy in your space and air conditions – being truly proactive.

3. Is the system commercial grade to ensure its reliable, durable, tamper-proof, and backed by a strong warranty?

Not all purifiers are designed for shared spaces with people moving in and out of rooms or to run for longer periods of time. For that type of reliability, you need a commercial grade air purifier.

With a thick casing and a double-latching system that provides durability, Fellowes AeraMax Pro truly is built to last. It is also comprised of a high-efficiency motor that works together with sensors to control fan speeds. The precision fan allows for quiet yet powerful air purification.

What’s more, the touch control panel is only accessible to authorized users to change settings. Also, the thick walls and vandal-proof lock prevents anyone from tampering with settings and protects air filters from being removed.

Fellowes Air Purifiers are designed and engineered for long term, 24/7 use. Our AeraMax Pro 3 and 4 units are backed with a 5-year warranty.

4. Is the system easy to set-up and maintain?

When you look at air purification, you need to consider more than just the cost of each purifier. You need to consider the cost and effort of setting up and installing the units and the effort required to operate the machines and change filters.

Fellowes AeraMax Pro was designed to seamlessly integrate anywhere into your space. The stand option offers true flexibility where you need it most; simply plug it in and go.  Install closer to source concerns by wall mounting, creating even more whole-room circulation.

AeraMax Pro air purifiers also feature PureView™ patented sensor technology and display that makes the invisible visible with real time status updates and alerts when it’s time to replace the filter. Plus, filter changes are fast and easy with no tools required.

Other air purifiers determine when to change a filter based on time, but AeraMax Pro takes it one step further. It measures by time, run rate and how much air is being pulled through the machine. Because Fellowes Air Purifiers use a more effective measurement technique to determine when filters need to be changed, filter life is extended, and operational costs are lowered.

5. Does the system automatically optimize performance to save time and money?

Not only is there an issue with some air purifiers operating at lower fan levels than needed for the room conditions, but some air purifiers might work harder than they have to. This in turn, wastes energy and shortens filter life someone needs to manually make an adjustment.

Utilizing its EnviroSmart Technology, Fellowes Air Purifiers work harder when they need to and save energy when they can. As people enter the space, AeraMax Pro immediately increases the airflow rate to quickly purify the air. As people leave, it shifts to standby mode, conserving energy, extending filter life, and reducing operating costs.


Finding an air purification system that is the right fit not only for today but also in the future can be challenging. By asking yourself these questions, you’ll find that the commercial-grade air purification system you purchase will have the features, performance, ease-of-maintenance, and reliability needed in your shared spaces for years to come.