60 Minutes Highlights the Importance of Clean Indoor Air in Preventing the Spread of Infections

This weekend’s 60 Minutes feature included a story on how indoor air ventilation and filtration systems are “absolutely key” in curbing the spread of viruses, especially with the knowledge we now have post pandemic.

Air quality scientists say that from the start of the pandemic, improving indoor air quality (IAQ) was heavily overlooked, which resulted in the rapid spread of COVID.

Now, companies operating commercial buildings are more aware of the importance of IAQ and are looking for ways to improve their HVAC systems and IAQ management strategies to create state-of-the-art air quality controls. Old buildings can be healthy buildings – with the right improvements.

With the COVID-19 virus remaining an ongoing concern, coupled with the start of flu season, aerosol researchers say there needs to be a continued focus on improving the quality of the air we all breathe while indoors. The segment concludes by emphasizing that proper air quality is not only good for the health of the building occupants but can be good for the health of the companies, too.

Watch the Full Segment Here

Clean Indoor Air Needs to Be in the Conversation. Fellowes Array™ Can Help. 

Fellowes has been a trusted name in indoor air quality (IAQ) management for over 15 years. Our latest breakthrough innovation Array™, the most advanced networked air quality system, makes it easy for building owners to improve the overall IAQ of their buildings regardless of age.

Fellowes Array™ uses fully networked products that work together to provide an intuitive, coordinated response to most air quality issues, with a variety of installation options all without any connection to duct work, including ceiling suspended, ceiling recessed, wall and stand units. All can easily be networked together through LTE for full building coverage.

Designed for seamless, scalable integration with H13 True HEPA filtration into existing spaces, Array™ allows commercial buildings to deliver healthy air to their communities and proactively evolve their IAQ management strategy to provide healthy air to all spaces. The cloud-based software, Viewpoint, also gives building managers greater visibility and control over the quality of their indoor air, providing complete, real-time air quality data anywhere, on any device, through a centralized dashboard. Additionally, a Community Dashboard provides peace of mind for all occupants.

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