A booming trade in need of a cleaning

In recent years, the market for legal marijuana across states has created a boomtime for  growers and dispensaries. Problem is, places like legal grow labs, dispensaries and marijuana cafes have created a problem in the smoke and smell.

Marijuana case study: Las Vegas

Take, for example, the situation in Las Vegas, Nevada, which recently legalized recreational marijuana use in all its forms; consumers can purchase pot products at various dispensaries throughout Sin City but can’t actually smoke or use the products anywhere but inside their homes.

Shopping at the dispensaries, however, can be a daunting task. The inside of the facilities are often a haze of smoke and dank, thick smells, and staying in them for mere minutes can leave customers with a clinging odor to their clothes. So, a person could go to a dispensary and come out smelling like they’ve been partying for days. Not exactly a good perception for a businessperson dashing out for some edibles during his or her lunch hour—because the trip could brand him or her amongst coworkers or superiors who still view marijuana in stark terms.

The hidden problem of VOCs

There’s another hazard. Research published in the journal Atmospheric Environment showcases that the marijuana plants themselves give off volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that pollute indoor air. Scientists measured gases from marijuana plants and found that terpenes, gases that are considered VOCs, are emitted. VOCs contribute to the chemistry that makes up air pollution, so the presence of marijuana plants can negatively affect air quality.

So, can marijuana entrepreneurs—and their customers—solve the air quality problem created by marijuana, reducing odors and VOCs? In a word, yes.

Cleaning the air in dispensaries, growing facilities and cafes can help

Installing AeraMax Professional air purifiers in grow labs, dispensaries and marijuana cafes can effectively eliminate 99.97 percent of airborne pollutants like odors and VOCs—as well as viruses, allergens, bacteria, smoke and dust—with a unique four-stage HEPA filtration system. The units feature a “set it and forget it” feature, where the system automatically scan and sense the air in the room, increasing or decreasing filtration to maximize air quality. So, customers can get fresh product—but enjoy fresh air as well.