AeraMax Professional highlights the need to improve IAQ in FMJ

While indoor air quality (IAQ) has become an industry buzzword, there’s still a general lack of awareness about the benefits better air quality can provide for occupants. That’s why we get excited when our own Global Director of Marketing, Jeff Dryfhout, has the chance to raise awareness of the need for clean air in FMJ Magazine.

Jeff’s article, “Proactively Improving Indoor Air Quality,” explains how facility managers can take a few simple steps to dramatically improve the health and cleanliness of their facilities.

FMJ Magazine is one of the International Facility Management Association’s premier publications and we’re excited to continue partnering with the organization in the future. In the spring, Jeff will be presenting at both the U.S. and Canada Facility Fusion conferences, providing facility managers with practical solutions for healthier and cleaner facilities.

See the full story in the November-December issue of FMJ at: