An alarming rise in childhood asthmas

Recent research claims more than 200,000 case of childhood asthma could be avoided if the world took air pollution seriously.

A study conducted by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health and published in the European Respiratory Journal revealed that 33 percent of asthma cases in Europe each year are directly causes by air pollution; more than 63 million children in European countries suffer from childhood asthma.

Researchers found that if European countries adhered to World Health Organization standards for air pollution reduction, there would be tremendous decreases in the incidences of childhood asthma. As part of the research, the team explored different scenarios where air pollution levels were reduced and found in each case a substantial reduction in the asthma cases.

According to an article featured on, study researchers felt validated in their approach:

“Only in the past two years, several analyses on air pollution and onset of childhood asthma have emerged, strengthening the case from different research teams that air pollution is contributing substantially to the burden of pediatric asthma,” said study leader author Haneen Khreis. “Largely, these impacts are preventable and there are numerous policy measures which can reduce the ambient levels of, and children’s exposure to, outdoor air pollution. We can and should do something about it.”

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