CDC Proclaims: Coronavirus COVID-19 is aerosolized

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have acknowledged what many researchers and scientist have long advocated: that the novel coronavirus COVID-19 can be transmitted by the air. Called aerosolization, respiratory droplets of infected matter, like fluid of sneezes and coughs from an infected person, can travel in the air, potentially infecting people in close proximity.

What’s more, this acknowledgement also verifies that the virus can travel more than six feet in the air; previously, researchers at the CDC thought the virus could only travel relatively short distances. Now, however, the CDC says infected aerosolized droplets can travel greater distances in enclosed spaces and can linger in the air from minutes up to hours.

To this end, it becomes vital for people to clean the air in enclosed spaces; The New York Times recently advocated for the use of air purifiers to remove contaminated air for rooms. For example, the complete line of AeraMax Professional commercial-grade air purifiers uses a unique four-stage filtration system to pull affected air into a series of filters, trapping viruses, flu, allergens, bacteria, harmful volatile organic compounds and odors in the system, effectively and efficiently cleaning the air. In fact, AeraMax Professional use hospital-like True HEPA filters to capture as much has 99.97 percent of harmful contaminants.