How Drake Precision Dental Laboratories solved its dust problem

Even though Bob Savage was doing the best he could—outfitting employees with masks, installing suction systems near equipment and the like—there was one reoccurring environmental problem at Drake Precision Dental Laboratories. Dust.

Bob Savage explains the difference Aeramax Professional made in Drake Dental Laboratories

The dust problem

“Dental labs, by their very nature, are dusty environments,” Savage, VP and CFO of the Charlotte, NC laboratory, said. “We use a lot of different materials that create dust and particulate matter that enters the air. Since I joined the company 20 years ago, it’s been a concern for us.”

So, the lab, which creates fixed and removeable dental prosthetics for clients in 40 states, took aggressive steps. Knowing that surface cleaning would just kick up more dust, Savage decided instead to clean the very air inside the facility, which host more than 100 employees.

Busy dental laboratories like Drake Precision Dental Lab are hotbeds of find particles creating a real dust problem.

After research, the company selected AeraMax Professional commercial-grade air purifiers. AeraMax Professional machines use a unique four-stage filtration system to effectively and efficiently remove up to 99.97 percent of airborne pollutants, like dust, allergens, bacteria, viruses, odors and volatile organic compounds, from indoor air.

Drake Precision Dental Laboratories also chose units featuring optional PureView™ technology. PureView features a visual display of the PM2.5 particle counts entering the units and the clean air coming out. The wall-mounted units also employ patented EnviroSmart™ Technology that senses sound, motion and odors in a room, automatically adjusting to optimize performance.

And the previous dust problem?

“Once we found (AeraMax Professional) and installed a number of units needed for the square footage, it became easier to control,” Savage said. “And the air quality is leaps and bounds from where it (previously) was.”

“The air quality is leaps and bounds from where it (previously) was.”