How the Museum of Science and Industry knocked out bathroom odors

Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry (MSI) is one of the world’s premier learning centers for kids and adults. MSI staff play host to more than 340,000 students each year and want to make sure everyone enjoys the interactive exhibits and the overall experience.

That’s why MSI Director of Facilities Operations Ed McDonald is fastidious about making sure the facility is safe, healthy and clean.

McDonald found that cleanliness was invaluable to the visitors’ experience, yet the restrooms required a lot of upkeep. To proactively keep his facilities cleaner, he turned to AeraMax Professional.

“It’s great that we’ve found a way to get rid of odors and germs in the air,” McDonald said about the two units installed in MSI’s main restrooms. “I love the science of the system at work.”

The science McDonald references is found in multiple places on the AeraMax Professional. It uses four-stage filtration to effectively remove 99.9 percent of airborne contaminants, including the influenza virus. The device also integrates seamlessly, using technology to detect a room’s occupancy and conditions and automatically adjusting performance.

“I highly recommend AeraMax Professional units. We plan to add additional units over time to other restrooms and, eventually, to children’s lunchrooms throughout the Museum.”

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Next level hospitality

Bathroom odors are a common problem for hospitality venues that need to be exceptionally clean but are also constantly occupied. However, odors and other signs of uncleanliness can have a significant impact on businesses.

In fact, in a 2011 survey by Harris Interactive, 94 percent of U.S. adults said they would not return to a business if they encountered dirty bathrooms. A majority of participants specifically cited restaurants, hotels and health care facilities as businesses they would avoid.

Traditionally, businesses have focused on cleaning surfaces and providing ample handwashing supplies. However, these methods don’t address the odors, volatile organic compounds and germs that linger in the air and can create an unpleasant experience for customers.

Commercial-grade air purifiers are not only designed to keep common areas healthier and cleaner, but also provide an improved perception of your facilities.