Why is it so challenging to manage indoor air quality in public spaces?

Open a window. Turn on a fan. Plug in an air freshener. These are the methods most people turn to when they’re trying to improve indoor air quality. However, managing indoor air isn’t always that simple, especially when you’re dealing with a facility that has various sources of contaminants.

In the worst problem areas, a commercial-grade air purifier makes all the difference.

Look at public bathrooms, for example. The wear and tear on these areas requires routine maintenance and can result in frequent odor complaints, making them the bane of existence for many facility managers.

An effective air purifier addresses this issue head-on. In fact, AeraMax Professional, a commercial air purifier, has already helped facilities such as LEGOLAND Discovery Center and Alamo Drafthouse Cinema make restroom odor complaints a distant memory.

Beware the air

Creating healthy IAQ is a complex equation. Facility managers have to take into account the ongoing influence of outdoor air pollution, contaminants emitted from building materials, odor issues and a cocktail of dust and allergens, as well as contagious airborne germs.

Public spaces are particularly difficult because of higher traffic. The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health notes that air quality in offices and workspaces can even be negatively affected by minor design adjustments or personal activities.

Research also suggests that activities such as walking and vacuuming send dust from the ground back into the air. So imagine how much dust becomes airborne in busy hubs such as schools and offices.

The power of the AeraMax Professional air purifier

While government organizations such as the Environmental Protection Agency have fantastic general recommendations for improving IAQ, problem areas require a more nuanced approach. The AeraMax Professional is designed specifically for such spaces.

Whether it’s a malodorous bathroom everyone in your office avoids or a dusty classroom that makes students drowsy, the AeraMax Professional provides targeted support by removing 99.9 percent of contaminants from the air. Better air is an integral component of better health, and AeraMax Professional is an important part of the solution.