The Next Big Thing in Air Purification


With the development of the brand-new AeraMax Professional II, facilities managers can ensure contaminant-free indoor air is available in a variety of settings. That’s because the AeraMax Professional II is designed specifically for smaller spaces, and complements the AeraMax Professional III and IV, which cover spaces up to 700 square feet and 1,400 square feet, respectively. The AeraMax Professional II offers air purification in shared spaces between 150 and 300 square feet, and is ideal for smaller exam rooms, waiting areas, food preparation locations and public restrooms.

Like its big brothers, the AeraMax Professional II offers unparalleled air purification, removing up to 99.9% of indoor air contaminants, like viruses, germs, volatile organic compounds and odors. However, it does it in an incredibly slim form factor, measuring just four inches deep. That, plus a variety of installation options, like the ability to recess the unit or have it free standing, make it versatile in tight spaces. In fact, when recessed, the AeraMax Professional II is ADA complaint.

The AeraMax Professional II features patented EnviroSmart™ technology, which detects room conditions and purifies the environment accordingly. That way, energy is saved and adjustments for optimal cleaning are made automatically.

The AeraMax Professional II also features a multi-stage filtration system with a true HEPA filter and carbon filtration to adsorb odors.

“With the introduction of the AeraMax Professional II, facility managers now have complete coverage opportunities for their indoor environments,” says Jeff Dryfhout, Global Marketing Director of Fellowes Brands, Air Treatment. “By mixing and matching our different units in enclosed spaces, managers can provide coverage in even the largest of buildings and ensure occupants breathe in clean, uncontaminated air.”

The new Aeramax Professional II "Slim" Machine cleans the air in smaller spaces.

The AeraMax Professional II will be available June 21.