Projected growth of the dental lab market

There’s a skyrocketing geriatric population, with more Baby Boomers aging into elderly status every day. There are more incidences of dental disease. And, more people are looking to restore their dental health.


$11 Billion in expected growth

Those factors and more are causing a spike in projected growth for the dental lab industry, according to the most recent Global Dental Lab Market report.

The global dental lab industry is expected to grow to $43.08 billion by 2025, up from $32.56 billion in 2017. That means the industry is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 5.8 percent during the period.

Driving that growth: that aging population, which needs dental appliances more than ever before. Also, there’s more prevalence of periodontal disease. The Centers for Disease Control state that 47.2 percent of adults suffer from dental diseases, and periodontal disease increased up to 70 percent in the 65+ age bracket.

So, more people with more need for dental appliances will fuel more market demand.

How do you plan for growth in your lab?

There is one area of concern: this explosive growth requires dental labs to invest in the latest equipment to keep up with output demands. In addition, dental labs will need to keep abreast of new technology via new equipment acquisition. Labs will need to retain well-trained and trusted staff to manage it all. But how to take care of that equipment and your people, given that lab environments are inherently dusty?

Maintain your investment in equipment and employees

Investments in delicate equipment can be made safer by installing AeraMax Professional air purifiers in dental labs. These units effectively and efficiently remove dust from enclosed spaces, making for more healthy environments.

Using a four-stage filtration system, the units also remove up to 99.97 percent of airborne contaminants from indoor air, including germs, flu, bacteria, allergens, odors and VOCs. So, AeraMax Professional air purifiers could also cut down on employee illness and absenteeism. That, in turn, positively impacts staffing and employee management during the coming boom time for dental labs.