Put me in, Coach!

The world is becoming increasingly aware about the effects of poor indoor air quality—and that awareness has extended into the realm of wireless applications, with start-ups and tech companies rushing to produce smartphone apps, tracking and measuring devices and home-based air quality tools.

These companies are also championing a concept called hyperlocality, where measurements or tracking is done in a very short distance from the intended location. That way, people can see what’s happening in their immediate surroundings.


Now, electronics firm Netatmo has created a hyperlocal air quality monitor called Healthy Home Coach. This cylindrical device sits on a desktop and pairs with a smartphone app via Bluetooth to provide users with air quality readings in the very immediate vicinity—and underscores the need for air purification in most cases, given that indoor air is two to five times dirtier than outside air.


The indoor climate monitor uses four separate sensors to continually “read the room,” with an iPhone app that displays how much air pollution is present. The device also monitors temperature, humidity and even room noise. Then, the app “coaches” you, suggesting ways to improve the surroundings.

Because of its portability, one could use the Healthy Home Coach in an office setting, or atop a cubicle, taking in readings at the office. That could make a strong case for the installation of AeraMax Professional air purifiers.

These commercial-grade purifiers also continually “read the room,” using EnviroSmart™ Technology to operate only when the air needs to be cleaned. Because the units remove up to 99.97 percent of germs, allergens, viruses, bacteria and volatile organic compounds from indoor air, the units are a perfect complement to the Healthy Home Coach—and the coaching.