The AeraMax Pro 3 air purifier. A perfect fit for mid-sized spaces.

Coverage from 30m² to 55m².

The AeraMax Pro 3 is ideal for medium-sized rooms, with the airflow to cover areas from 30m² to 55m². It’s great for public washrooms, classrooms, mid-sized meeting rooms and waiting areas, offering occupants the opportunity to breathe in air that’s virtually free of airborne contaminants.

AeraMax Pro 3 available in:





AMP Technologia PureView™

AMP PureView™ Technology (logo)

See the future of air cleaning with PureView™ Technology.

With our optional PureView™ Technology, you can watch air cleaning in real-time. EnviroSmart 2.0 sensors continually analyze the air in the room, activating our filtration system when bad air is present. The PureView™ digital displays continually read the room, showing you the cleaning process, and you’ll get a readout of the percentage of particles captured. Thanks to two high grade laser PM2.5 sensors, you’ll also be able to see the quality of the air as it enters and leaves the unit as well as a real-time VOC level visual.

PureView™ is advanced technology—but it’s also advanced design. In fact, it was honored recently in the Good Design Awards for 2018. The recognition is the oldest and most prestigious global award program for design excellence and design innovation.

See how PureView™ Technology can help you.


Item Numbers

Wall mounted
9433401 – Standard
9573801 – PureView

Floor stand
9450101 – Standard
9574001 – PureView

Number of Filters Required

1 (Carbon and/or HEPA)

Weight of System

9.16 kg

Air Delivery

5 Fan Speeds m³/h, 129, 158, 190, 238, 374


220-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.9A


Single motor: encased brushless DC motor, thermal and overcurrent protection, designed for low noise, long-term continuous use at high RPM

Electrical Safety Certification

UL & Energy Star

Air Intake/Outlet

Bottom / Top

Control Panel

Capacitive touch, internal access only

Housing Material

UV stabilized ABS

Environmental/Safety Requirements

Operating temperature: 5°C to 40°C / up to 60% humidity

Area Coverage

30m² to 55m²


Five year limited warranty


Wall Mounted – 499 x 531 x 228 mm
Floor stand– 528.32 x 576.58 x 269.24 mm

AeraMax Professional III - filtr standardowy


10mm Carbon
50mm H13 TRUE HEPA

Suggested Usage

Applications in which higher levels of viruses, germs or allergens Ex. Waiting areas, classrooms, offices, nursery and conference rooms

Estimated Filter Life

10mm Carbon: 6 Months* 50mm H13 TRUE HEPA: 12-18 Months*

Item Number

10mm Carbon (4 Pack): 9416502
50mm H13 TRUE HEPA (2 Pack): 9416602

AeraMax Professional III - filtr hybrydowy


25mm Carbon

Suggested Usage

Applications in which viruses, germs, allergens and odour are of concern Ex. Washrooms, cafeterias, changing rooms, break areas

Estimated Filter Life

12 Months*

Item Number

50mm HYBRID (2 Pack): 9436902

AeraMax Professional III - podwójny filtr węglowy


2-10mm Carbon

Suggested Usage

Applications with high odour or VOC’s and where germs, viruses and allergens are of minimal concern Ex. Storage rooms, kitchenettes/ food prep

Estimated Filter Life

2 Years*

Item Number

Carbon (2 Pack): FEL-9436802

* Actual useful filter life will vary depending on application

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