We bust dust.

Dust is an ever-present problem. It’s everywhere—and trying to clean it up is a futile task, because it seems to just float away. It’s even more so a problem in environments where additional dust occurs from processing materials, or places where mission-critical tasks can be thwarted by those tiny specks of dust. What’s more, allergies and asthma can be exacerbated by dust and dust mites, reducing employee productivity due to absenteeism. Good thing the four-stage filtration system of AeraMax Pro air purifiers eliminates dust—effectively and efficiently.

Here are just a few of the places AeraMax Pro wipe out ever-present and destructive dust:

Dental Labs

Grinding appliances kicks up silica dust into the air of dental labs—and the suction devices attached to grinding machines can only pick up so much. That means even the best outfitted lab is a cloudy, hazy—and dangerous—environment. But leading dental labs use AeraMax Pro units to eliminate this dust, making for healthier and happier employees.

Server Rooms

Servers need to run cool—and dust-free. Unfortunately, many HVAC solutions aren’t equipped to handle dust that can compromise delicate circuitry. What’s more, the belts in HVAC systems fray, actually producing more dust. AeraMax Pro air purifiers tackle dust using auto-sensing technology—knowing when to activate to rid the environment of harmful pollutants.

Clean Rooms

Clean rooms offer near-sterile environments for mission-critical tasks—but access points to the clean rooms are often left without air purification, relying on the clean room technology to deal with any dust being brought in via clothing or shoes. By using AeraMax Pro air purifiers in adjacent areas, clean room operators can reduce the workload on clean room filters, extending the life of equipment and ensuring dust is eliminated outside the clean room.

Seeing is believing.

Learn how others tackled dust, making indoor environments healthier, more productive and more profitable.

Need more proof?

Download case studies and whitepapers that will make a strong case for AeraMax Pro.

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