AeramaxPro Green Cleaning

It’s easy being green.

One way to address air issues simply and effectively is by employing green cleaning practices, with a focus on cleaning both surfaces and the air. Going green eliminates the use of harsh, VOC-spewing chemicals, and does a better job of trapping germs and bacteria. Still, when upgrading equipment and techniques, it’s important to bring AeraMax Pro into the mix, because nothing beats it for eliminating 99.97% of airborne contaminants from indoor air.

Here are just a few of the industries where AeraMax Pro augments green cleaning practices:


Educational institutions have become the vanguard for green cleaning, given that children have sensitive respiratory systems. Placing AeraMax Pro units in common areas, like cafeterias, as well as in classrooms has proven to reduce sick days and boosted attentiveness.

Aeramax Pro Hotels


Did you know 75% of people won’t patronize a hotel with a bathroom they think is “dirty”? We know that odor removal is the toughest “dirty” to eliminate. A rigorous green cleaning program, with AeraMax Pro leading the way in air cleaning, could change all that.


Waiting and exam rooms in healthcare settings are rife with germs, allergens and bacteria. Use green cleaning techniques for a ground assault, but use AeraMax Pro for an air attack.

Gold Sponsor of Green Clean Schools Initiative

Championing Green

AeraMax Pro is proud to be a sponsor of Green Clean Schools, an initiative from the independent nonprofit Healthy Schools Campaign. The initiative aims to inform schools about the benefits of adopting green cleaning techniques and reducing hazardous chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from campuses.

Seeing is believing.

Learn how others have used green cleaning with AeraMax Pro in their facilities, improving indoor air quality and making healthier environments.

Need more proof?

Download case studies and whitepapers that will make a strong case for AeraMax Pro.

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