Does Your Protection Plan Include Air Quality?

A proactive approach to complete hygiene for shared spaces should include three essential components:

Washing Hands

Sanitizing Surfaces

Cleaning the Air


Office buildings are a prime example of a space that we share for upwards of 9 hours every day and have a constant flow of visitors, vendors and employees who bring viruses, germs and pathogens into the workplace with them.

Medical & Dental Facilities

Poor air quality can lead to the airborne transmission of bacteria and viruses. In waiting rooms and consultation rooms in medical and dental facilities the air must be cleaned in addition to surface and hand cleaning.


Hand sanitizer and surface wipes are not the only preventative measures needed for cleaning classrooms. Air purification is essential to reducing the spread of infectious airborne viruses. AeraMax Professional air purifiers remove up to 99.97% of all contaminants in the air.

Why AeraMax® Professional?


Patented, Responsive Technology


Removes Up to 99.97% of All Airborne Contaminants


A Seamless Addition


Commercial Grade Durability

Seeing is Believing.

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