Clean Air on the Menu

Some people seek out restaurants based on their exotic preparations. And some for exemplary service. And some folks even look for restaurants that provide lo-fi fare—comfort food that is no frills, no waiting.

But now, in Delhi, India, you can seek out a restaurant that features purified air. That’s because several restaurants have installed air purifiers as a point of differentiation in this heavily polluted city.

“A few (guests) who are allergic to pollutants noticed the change immediately, thanks to the air purifiers that we have installed in our restaurant,” said Randip Dhingra, owner of the Twist restaurant. “People are very conscious (about this) now and they appreciate it when we tell them that we have air purifiers. We decided to install air purifiers because the city has been battling pollution and we knew it would only get worse.”

To that end, the restaurant and others capitalizing on the trend have taken to social media to tout the fresh air available. “We are coming up with creative to be displayed on our social media pages to promote the fact that one can breathe fresh air here,” Dhingra said.

That’s echoed by Noah Barnes of the restaurant The Hungry Monkey. “Through our social media page, we are letting people know that we have air purifiers and the response we’ve been getting is very good,” he said.

So, one can only wonder if “served fresh daily” will take on greater meaning in the Indian restaurant industry soon.