Hinsdale Middle School gives AeraMax Professional an A+

School facility managers can take pride in knowing they maintain clean and safe buildings for hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of students. Yet, since each school has a different design, there’s no universal solution for ensuring an entire facility has healthy and clean indoor air quality.

Luckily, there is a solution for dramatically improving air quality in the toughest problem areas. From firsthand experience, Hinsdale Middle School in Hinsdale, Ill., can tell you that solution is the AeraMax® Professional commercial grade air purifier.

Mike Vilendrer, facility coordinator at Community Consolidated School District 181, had several unique IAQ problems including an odorous classroom, a science lab exacerbating a student’s allergies and a dusty art room. He installed an AeraMax Professional unit within each room to address these issues.

Referencing why the school’s HVAC system could not deal with these challenges efficiently, Vilendrer explained, “We definitely can’t get a detailed level of control in each room because it’s such a big system.”

Eight months after installation, Vilendrer was happy to report that the issues had been resolved. While improving air quality in large school facilities requires comprehensive ventilation and humidity control, problem areas can be the most distracting and unhealthy. Vilendrer made the choice to clean the air creating a better environment and addressing a wide range of air quality issues. His teachers and parents can now breathe easier knowing their student’s health is a top priority.

With school enrollment right around the corner, see for yourself how the AeraMax Professional can make an impact in your school and keep your kids safe from harmful indoor air contaminants.

Are you interested in improving your school’s green cleaning routine?