Fall Allergies: What You Can Do

With so much attention paid to springtime allergies—the blooms! The sneezing! The incessant TV spots featuring over-the-counter remedies!—it’s hard to remember that fall is a prime allergy season, too. In fact, ragweed, a common culprit for all that sneezing and wheezing, blooms from mid-August until the first cold snap in the Midwest and East. And, 75% of people who suffer from springtime sniffles also suffer from ragweed allergies.

So what to do? For allergy sufferers, here’s a few tips designed to make the fall allergy season a little easier:

  •  Avoid daytime activities—Try going for that daily run in the early evening, when pollen counts are much lower due to colder air.
  • Shake it out—If you’re outdoors for prolonged periods, change your clothing once you come indoors. That way, hitchhiking pollen has less of a chance of floating through indoor air.
  • Rake those leaves—Wet leaves attract mold spores and can exacerbate mold allergy symptoms.
  • Don’t let it all hang out—You may feel tempted to hang washed clothing on a line to get that fall fresh smell, but you’ll be bringing pollen indoors.

That’s great advice for homeowners, but people spend an average of nine hours per day in the workplace. How can a company combat fall allergies there? Well, to remove pollen brought into facilities, you need a commercial air filtration solution. And in our estimation, there’s nothing better to combat allergens than an AeraMax® Professional commercial air purifiers.

The AeraMax Professional air filtration system is a perfect allergen remover—it uses a four-stage hospital-type filtration system and features a True HEPA filter to capture germs and allergens. So, it can boost indoor air quality (IAQ) and removes up to 99.97% of airborne contaminants from indoor air.

AeraMax Professional has a complete line of commercial air purifiers—with one to fit virtually any space need. And, each takes advantage of our EnviroSmart™ Technology, which sense airborne pollutants to run only when needed.