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Forskare är eniga: Luftburen överföring av COVID19 är en Verklig Risk

Postad 5 oktober, 2020 | Postad av Linda ONeill

  Senaste nyheterna om det luftburna hotet av COVID-19  Hittills har det förekommit motstridiga uppgifter relaterade till risken för luftöverföring av COVID-19. En grupp av 239 forskare i 32 länder har publicerat sitt öppna brev till det globala hälsosamhället för att presentera bevisen. I sitt brev anger den högt kvalificerade gruppen: Flera studier “har visat […]

What is a HEPA air filter, anyway?

Postad 5 augusti, 2016 | Postad av Mike Booth

To facility managers, HEPA is a common phrase, but to the rest of the world it’s just a buzzword. The hype surrounding high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filters is real, but how do these filters actually function? We have all the facts about air filtration for facility managers and indoor air quality enthusiasts alike.

Can Houseplants Make Indoor Air Healthier?

Postad 15 juni, 2016 | Postad av Mike Booth

Sure, houseplants can enliven an indoor environment, but can they actually alter it for the better? According to scientists and other lab coat types, certain ones can. That’s because some houseplants traffic in something called phytoremediation, which acts as a catalyst to remove pollution from either the air or soil. Farmers for years have used […]

Harvard Research into Indoor Air Quality and Workplace Productivity

AeraMax Professional delves into the Harvard University Research on Indoor Air Quality Postad 25 maj, 2016 | Postad av Mike Booth

Can indoor air quality make people more productive? Research from Harvard University’s Healthy Buildings Program says yes. In a study, researchers analyzed worker concentration and cognitive ability using various environmental scenarios, altering indoor air quality in a controlled lab setting. In one setting, the researchers lowered carbon dioxide levels, boosted ventilation , and removed toxic […]

Sometimes, Cutting Edge Isn’t So Great

Fancy hand dryers can spread germs around your facility Postad 3 maj, 2016 | Postad av Mike Booth

So you walk into a public restroom, impressed with the contemporary décor. Gleaming surfaces. Ultra-modern fixtures. Chrome everywhere. Then you see the futuristic hand dryer, one unlike the typical nozzle-and-push-button machines from the industrial 1950s. There’s no button. No nozzle. You simply thrust your hands into an empty space in a sleek, wall-mounted box, where […]

Improving campus perception

campus-perception-quad-outdoors-air-quality Postad 9 mars, 2016 | Postad av Mike Booth

For students and their families, a campus visit can be one of the most important factors in choosing a school. After all, there’s a reason universities spend so much on awesome athletic centers, top-of-the-line health facilities and cozy student unions.

Flu prevention: Why traditional methods aren’t enough

Zapobieganie grypie: Dlaczego tradycyjne metody nie są wystarczające? Postad 3 februari, 2016 | Postad av Mike Booth

While experts have always advocated the flu shot as a means for flu prevention, especially for children and seniors, the 2014-15 vaccine was only 19 percent effective, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Air fresheners: Friend or foe?

air-fresheners-poor-air-quality Postad 21 oktober, 2015 | Postad av Mike Booth

Air fresheners have become more than a billion-dollar market in the U.S., capturing the American spirit of convenience and making odor easier to tackle in our busy daily grind. Coming in various forms such as aerosol sprays, scented candles and outlet plug-ins, these products are often used as a catch-all solution to every unpleasant smell, both in homes and shared building spaces. They’re a fast, easy-to-use option that seem like an obvious choice for homeowners, janitorial services and facility managers – at first.

AeraMax Professional earns asthma and allergy friendly Certification from AAFA

Postad 8 oktober, 2015 | Postad av Mike Booth

Allergy and asthma problems don’t end when you enter a workplace or school. In fact, outdoor air is a major component of what we breathe when we’re inside, which is compounded by triggers such as dust and invisible particles that are all around us.

To fight asthma and allergies indoors, you need an air purifier that’s up to the task.

Health Update: Flu Season 2016

flu-season-2016-iaq-working-while-sick-sick-day Postad 23 september, 2015 | Postad av Mike Booth

Get ready: The peak of the flu season is coming.

It’s been a mild season so far, but don’t be surprised if the number of absent employees spikes in the coming weeks.

Why? As we’ve noted, cleanliness efforts such as handwashing and cleaning surfaces don’t fully protect facilities against the flu. Instead, experts have proven that the virus is most often spread through the air.